To provide financial support on Foundation Medicine services in India, Roche has launched FoundationHOPE program. Under this program, a patient/caregiver (called applicant) can undergo a socio-economic evaluation.


The program offers two types of financial assistance to enhance your access to Foundation Medicine profiling services in India:

1.     Money back of upto INR 1.5 lakh on FoundationOne profile

2.     Zero interest loan for 6 months

*Loan eligibility is subject to discretion of the lender and past credit history of the applicant


Steps to avail FoundationHOPE service

Once you consult with your treating physician and receive FoundationOne prescription, follow the below steps

1.     Applicant to contact FoundationHOPE team via email or call 022-4015-2581

2.     Applicant to share all the relevant documents and details

3.     FoundationHOPE concierge team will process application and communicate the money back amount and loan eligibility (if applied for) within 2 working days post submission of all documents and details

4.     Applicant to share invoice copy of purchased FoundationOne profile with FoundationHOPE concierge desk at

5.     Money back to be credited to applicant’s account or adjusted against loan amount post FoundationOne report release


FoundationOne applications will not be accepted post biopsy samples are submitted for FoundationOne profile. The applications should be received with complete documentation prior to sending biopsy sample for profile.


Toll Free number: 022-4015-2581

Email :